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Contemporary Moral Problems And Issues Philosophy Essay

Contemporary Moral Problems And Issues Philosophy Essay As Glaucon reviews the legend of Gyges he said that, a Shepherd found an incredible enchantment ring in a crevice opened by a seismic tremor. On the off chance that the ring was worn, the individual will get imperceptible and would ready to travel anyplace and do anything undetected. Notwithstanding, he utilized the ring for underhanded, to get what he needs and fulfillment. There are two sorts of ring, the temperance and rouge. In the story the profound quality that has been brought up in the story was tied in with being ravenous on the force that he has. This force made him to think abhorrent as opposed to carrying out beneficial things and he can't relinquish what he have. He acted narrow-mindedness, deciding to get corrupt to the entire society and conflict with the tidiness of his heart. 2. Recognize mental and moral selfishness. Mental pride, implies that all men are egotistical in everything that they do. Just to fulfill his requirements to his benefit which goes about as personal circumstance. What's more, Ethical vanity, implies how men should act. That gives a real reaction of a people conduct; they have no commitment to do anything what is to their greatest advantage, paying little heed with the impact on others. 3. Rachels talks about two contentions for mental selfishness. What are these contentions, and how can he answer to them? The main contention depicts one people activity as childish, and another people activity as unselfish. We are disregarding the pivotal reality that in the two cases, accepting that the activity is done willfully, the specialist is just doing what he most needs to do. The primary contention demonstrates terrible model it would not have the right to be paid attention to, on the grounds that it lays on the reason that individuals never deliberately do anything aside from what they need to do. What's more, the second contention for mental vanity is the supposed unselfish activities consistently produce a feeling of vanity in the specialist, and since this feeling of fulfillment is a lovely condition of awareness, as opposed to realize any useful for other people. 4. What three ordinary disarrays does Rachels recognize in the postulation of mental selfishness? The three ordinary disarrays are: Disarray of Selfishness with personal circumstance. Suspicion that each activity is done either from personal responsibility or from other-with respect to thought processes. Basic yet bogus supposition that a worry for ones own government assistance is contrary with any authentic worry for the government assistance of others. 5. Express the contentions for saying that moral pride is conflicting. Why doesnt Rachels acknowledge this contention? A moral pride is conflicting, in light of the fact that the selfishness can't be handily pushed that is ordinarily embraced by many. Also, if individuals received the selfish approach of seeking after their own advantages to the rejection of his inclinations, as he seeks after his inclinations to the prohibition of theirs, at that point such a world would be inconceivable. So he himself will be a self seeker, yet he will need others to be altruists. 6. As indicated by Rachels, why shouldnt we hurt others, and for what reason would it be advisable for us to help other people? In what capacity can the self seeker answer? By doing activities that would hurt others may influence them. He will fight that we may acknowledge this as an explanation, yet he doesn't. There are cutoff points what exactly can be cultivated by contention, and if the self seeker truly doesnt care about others. As an explanation not to do an activity essentially in light of the fact that he thinks about what befalls that other individual. What the self seeker says that he doesn't acknowledge that as an explanation, he is stating something very phenomenal. Conversation Questions: 1. Has Rachels addressed the inquiry raised by Glaucon, to be specific, Why be good? Assuming this is the case, what precisely is his answer? Indeed, his answer was, we should be a good not for ourselves however for other people. 2. Are veritable vain people uncommon, as Rachels claims? Is it a reality that a great many people care about others even individuals they dont know? Indeed, the certified self seekers are uncommon, in light of the fact that the majority of the individuals can love or care others, despite the fact that they dont truly realize that individual. Helping other people may give an explanation behind doing it as a decent propensity to show what care truly implies for them. 3. Assume we characterize moral benevolence as the view that one ought to consistently represent the advantage of others and never in ones own personal circumstance. Is such a view improper or not? The view isn't corrupt, on the grounds that things and life are rarely past the point of no return, in our lives nobody is great, and to have an effect about this we should show how we build up our virtues. John Arthur: Religion, Morality, and Conscience Survey Questions: 1. As per Arthur, how are profound quality and religion unique? Ethical quality includes our perspectives toward different types of conduct like lying and slaughtering, its regularly communicated utilizing the ideas of rules, rights, and commitments. While religion commonly includes in petition, revere, convictions about the heavenly, institutional structures and definitive writings. 2. For what reason is religion fundamental for moral inspiration? Religion is fundamental for moral inspiration, on the grounds that those strict thought processes are a long way from the main ones individuals have. The choice to make the best choice is made for an assortment of reasons. 3. Why isnt religion fundamental as a wellspring of good information? Religion isnt fundamental a wellspring of good information, since individuals tends to not see really the possibility of religion it ought to consistently be done well. 4. What is the awesome order hypothesis? For what reason does Arthur dismiss this hypothesis? The perfect order hypothesis imply that God has a similar kind of connection to the ethical law as the governing body, which needs to resolutions it orders without Gods orders there would be no ethical guidelines, similarly as without a council there would be no rules. Arthur dismissed the heavenly order hypothesis, essentially on the grounds that he doesnt have confidence in God. 5. As indicated by Arthur, how are ethical quality and religion associated? The two are associated, in light of the fact that ethical quality is impacted by religion and they depend on its ethical code, which likewise makes a culture. 6. Dewey says that ethical quality is social. I don't get this' meaning, as per Arthur? As Arthur made an investigation about the ethical quality is social, its about the feeling that we are, subject to analysis by others for our activities. We examine this with others what we ought to do, and regularly get notification from them concerning whether our choices were worthy. Just through the forces of creative mind would we be able to practice our ethical forces, imagining with the forces of judgment what still, small voice requires. Conversation Questions: 1. Has Arthur discredited the celestial order hypothesis? If not, how might it be safeguarded? Arthur didn't discredit the celestial order hypothesis, since he discusses the restriction to the reason of God he is refining god where the standard of God is extremely ground-breaking. We ought to recall that in each religion, we can never really comprehend the idea of God, since it can never choose the worries of society and determination can never be a genuine. 2. In the event that ethical quality is social, as Dewey says, at that point how might we have any commitments to non-human creatures? Despite the fact that creatures are not individuals. They are additionally a living thing that can think, feel, and so forth. We ought to have commitments for them, since we additionally get a portion of our assets from the creatures. 3. I don't get Dewey's meaning by moral training? Does a school morals class consider moral training? Moral training essentially implies your own family convention on how you grow up with them and how they raise you. Family is our first educator in our lives, and we likewise include inside the general public. Truly, on the grounds that ethical instruction has been educated, which we are gaining from conversations and on how we act them in reality. We will convey this as long as we live. Friedrich Nitzsche: Master-and Slave-Morality Audit Questions: 1. How does Nietzsche describe a decent and sound society? Nietzsche describes a decent and sound society by permitting better people than practice their will to control, their drive mastery and misuse of the substandard. The unrivaled individual follows an ace ethical quality that underlines power, quality, pride and opportunity, as recognized from a slave-profound quality that calls for shortcoming, accommodation, compassion and love. 2. What is Nietzsches perspective on injury, savagery, and misuse? Nietzsches perspective on injury, savagery and abuse is from the outcome in a specific unpleasant sense in great direct among people when the important conditions are given. Its a will to the refusal of life, a standard of disintegration and rot. 3. Recognize Master-Morality and Slave-Morality. Ace Morality has the possibility of a decent and terrible character and its additionally like the respectable and contemptible. While Slave-Morality has the possibility of profound quality of utility and as indicated by them the shrewd man excites dread. 4. Disclose the Will to Power. This is best portrayed on how you think, in the event that you put something on mind that you like to accomplish something or an objective. The intensity of your will get unfaltering. That youll do everything just to get what is ideal. We build up this through experience, with the goal that we will have a solid will, which endeavors continually towards a self-picked objective affected by a self-provided inspiration. Conversation Questions: 1. A few people see Nietzsches works as hurtful and even hazardous. For instance, some have accused Nietzsche of motivating Nazism. Are these charges legitimized or not? Why or why not? Nietzsches compositions are not hurtful and not may cause risk. These are verifiable record that can be upheld through what's to come. He made each supposition and characterized it to have an important life for the entire society, which we could undoubtedly distinguish what are our qualities and shortcomings. 2. I'm not catching it's meaning to be a maker of significant worth? It really characterizes the birthplace of where and how it began that has a place with their predecessors so they could ace something originating from the history. Mary Midgley: Trying Out Ones New Sword Audit Questions: 1. What is good neutrality? As per Midgley, the perspective on anthropologists and others that we ca

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Questionnaire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Survey - Essay Example derage Drinking, 2006) Even however drinking is denied lawfully for under matured kids in numerous nations, numerous kids for the most part expends liquor before they arrives at the legitimate age for drinking. Under matured youngsters numerous not have the development to control their feelings affected by liquor and thus there is an expanded likelihood for them to take part in hostile to social exercises and henceforth this exploration has colossal significance in contemporary society. â€Å"It is currently regularly accepted that the normal youngster will have seen 100,000 brew advertisements between the age of two and eighteen† (Hanson, 1997) The legitimate age for drinking is diverse in various nations; going from 0 to 21. US has the most noteworthy savoring age the existence where just the individuals who have finished 21 years old can drink legitimately. Be that as it may, in nations like China, Thailand and Viet Nam, there is no age limitation for drinking. In Austria Italy like nations the lawful age for drinking is 16 while in Argentina and Israel it is 18 years. (Hanson, 1997) The survey has been settled on straightforward and different options were offered to make the response basic. The inquiries were made after conversations with certain specialists who have just considered this subject. This exploration has been led predominantly on the web. The poll given toward the finish of this paper has been distributed on web and the information gathered from the respondents. Kids who are from UK, between the ages of 12 †18 were approached to take an interest in this exploration. This exploration was constrained to UK kids so as to normalize the outcomes. In addition around 2000 offspring of a similar age bunch have been drawn nearer legitimately by visiting schools situated at various pieces of the nation and gathered data in regards to their drinking propensities. All things considered around 12500 information has been gathered completely. The information has indicated that around 6750 (54%) of the respondents drink at any rate once every day. Around 3200

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Tip for a Great Holiday Season Dont Look at the Wall!!

Tip for a Great Holiday Season Dont Look at the Wall!! Heading for a Crash? You’ve probably had the experience of walking down the street and realizing someone is headed directly in a path directly toward you. You shift to the left. They shift to the left. You shift to the right. They shift to the right. Maybe, just maybe, you bump into each other. Why? Because you’re looking at each other! And humans are wired to head in the direction we’re looking. If you want to avoid running into that person, look AWAY from them, in the direction you decide to go! Famous entrepreneur Robert Herjavec was interviewed recently about business and race car driving. His advice, which has been passed down from race car driver to race car driver: Don’t Look at the Wall!! I try this trick on my bicycle when I realize I’m about to run over an inanimate object or hit a pothole. Often I fail to look where I want to go, instead concentrating on the obstacle. The result? A very bumpy ride. There are plenty of ways this metaphor can be applied to business (and maybe you thought that’s where I was going), but Thanksgiving is this week! So I thought I’d reflect on the way the “don’t look at the wall” rule applies to relationships and family. Changing Family Dynamics Is there one person in your family who tends to be disruptive or otherwise absorbing of attention? Are there moments when all energy goes toward that person instead of toward the connections between everyone else in the room? In those moments, you’re looking at the wall. What would happen if you remembered to look in a different direction? Perhaps you have a sticking point with a member of your family. Every time you see them, the same problem spot rears its head. What if instead you focused on where you want your relationship to be going? What if you identified and expressed what Drs. Bob and Judith Wright identify as universal human yearnings, such as to be loved, to be connected, to matter, and to be seen and heard? I’ve found that it makes a difference simply to acknowledge how things are now, and to talk about how you want things to be. I’ve been surprised with my own family that people I have conflicts or distance with want to work through our issues and get closerâ€"just as much as I do. Heart of the Fight   If you have fights that are running you into walls, or if you want to move through your conflicts faster and with better results, you might like the most recent book by the above-mentioned authors: The Heart of the Fight. What a great time of year to learn how to fight productively! You can use these tools into the new year and beyond. This holiday season, can you be a good race car driver, diverting your eyes from the wall or from that sticking point you’re about to crash into? Can you keep your eye on the ballâ€" the way you want your relationships to work, the love you want in your life, and the gratitude you want to express? Can you use your fights as a path toward intimacy? If so, I’m willing to bet you’ll win the race.

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Bipolar I and II Treatment, Medication and Genetics - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1198 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/10/30 Category Medicine Essay Level High school Tags: Bipolar Disorder Essay Did you like this example? People that suffer from bipolar disorder are characterized by having major changes in mood and behavior. This disorder involves a cycle of having a high energy state knows as mania, a less severe form of mania called hypomania, and a very low energy mood state of depression. There are various levels of bipolar disorder that depend on the length of mania and depression cycles that a person experiences. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Bipolar I and II: Treatment, Medication and Genetics" essay for you Create order Many factors can also influence if someone can be diagnosed with this disorder based on genetics and if a family member has suffered from bipolar disorder in the past. While symptoms of this disorder can start to occur during the late teens and early adult years of life, some people that do recognize these symptoms may not be diagnosed for a long time. While there is no cure for bipolar disorder, prescription drugs are available to stabilize the moods that this disorder causes as well as various forms of treatments. Types of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder can be broken down into four types based on various symptoms. Bipolar I is at the top of the list as being the most severe form of the disorder. Following the list based on severity would be Bipolar II, this type includes a milder form of mania called hypomania. Cyclothymia incorporates a fluctuation of hypomania and depression are shorter and less severe. And the last being Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, this type of the disorder involves the symptoms of the other types however, they do not fit into the other categories. Bipolar I. Bipolar I is characterized by having episodes of manic. These manic episodes include feelings of increased sociability, talkativeness, hyperactivity, and a decreased need for sleep. These manic episodes can last at least seven days and can become so severe that people require medical attention. Followed by the period of mania is a period of severe depression that could last from up to a week to months before cycling back to the manic stage. Mixed states can also occur where both the manic and hypomanic symptoms occur at the same time. Bipolar II. Bipolar II is a less severe type of Bipolar I. This type includes major depressive episodes that alternate with hypomania. This form of bipolar disorder can last a long time and patients tend to have very low energy, along with fatigue and excessive sleep. While the hypomanic episodes are milder than manic episodes it can still impair basic functioning. During this type of bipolar disorder people can experience periods of normal functioning however, the risk for suicide is high. Cyclothymia. Cyclothymia is similar to the other types of bipolar disorder but the cycling of hypomanic episodes and depression is not major. A portion of people that are diagnosed with Cyclothymia will develop either Bipolar I or Bipolar II later in life. These periods of hypomania and depression are much shorter and less severe as well as separated by a normal mood. People with this type have mood swings that can change drastically, one day they can feel like they are the best that they can be and the next day they can be down with feelings of depression. Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. This type of bipolar disorder involves symptoms of manic episodes and major depressive episodes but do not fit into the other types of the disorder. Someone would be diagnosed with this type if they experienced a rapid cycling between manic and depressive episodes. This is the least severe type of bipolar disorder. Like the other types they are treatable with medications. Causes of Bipolar Disorder Even though the direct cause for bipolar disorder has not clearly been identified, there are multiple factors that increase the chances of having the disorder. Genetic factors have a great effect on an offspring having bipolar disorder based on if a parent or family background has suffered from it in the past. Environment factors also play a role in the disorder. Causes can also range from other disorders playing a role to any kind of substance abuse such as cocaine. Genetics. Genetics play a big part in determining the probability of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This disorder is most likely to develop and be inherited if even one parent has bipolar disorder. Based on specific mutations in regions of chromosomes 13, 18, and 21, a repeated sequence especially in chromosome 18 can be seen in people with Bipolar II. Even though this has been discovered in some patients, it is not located in everyone that has the disorder. Environmental. The environment and seasons are a cause that can trigger the cycles of bipolar disorder. Manic and depressive episodes will often coincide with seasonal changes. Depressive episodes will have a larger presence during the seasons of fall and winter. During these seasons daylight gets shorter and temperature drops causing a lack of motivation to leave the house or be active. The opposite being the seasons of spring and summer that cause a manic state. During these seasons the temperature is warmer and days longer increasing the probability of being outside and active. Substance Abuse and Other Disorders. Almost half of the patients that get diagnosed with bipolar disorder have history of substance abuse. The highest rate is associated with cocaine abuse. Cocaine has the tendency to cause physical highs and lows that relate to the manic and depression cycle of someone who has bipolar disorder. Alcohol will also cause patients to have a higher risk of relapsing, a negative effect to treatment medications, and even increased suicide risk. In most cases patients that have bipolar disorder have other psychiatric disorders as well. Disorders such as opposition defiant disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are the most common. Treatment Currently there is no known cure for bipolar disorder however, there are various treatments to help control the disorder. One of the most effective treatments is medication that can lessen the effects of manic episodes as well as the depressive episodes. Another form of treatment is electroconvulsive therapy which has shown great results for patients that needed more than medication. Other forms of treatment range from acupuncture, specific diets, exercise, and psychotherapy. Medication. There is a variety of medication that can be prescribed based on a patients severity of bipolar disorder. Most medications are based around a combination of mood stabilizers, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and antipsychotics. Anticonvulsants would be used for someone for long term regulation of their manic or depressive episodes. An antipsychotic such as benzodiazepines, would be used for someone with minor manic episodes along with mood stabilizers. Electroconvulsive Therapy. The electroconvulsive form of therapy has been a very successful form of treating both the mania and depression cycle. This form of therapy is only used for patients that have had no result to the medication and still suffer from severe depression and suicidal thoughts. The therapy is conducted under anesthesia and the patient is given a muscle relaxant to prevent convulsions. Electric pulses are then sent into the patients brain through electrodes. The electric current starts to alter the electrochemical processes of the brain which will relieve depression. Some side effects of this therapy can cause headaches, nausea, confusion, and possibly temporary memory loss.

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Roads and Travel Authority Dubai (HR Performance Compensation) - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 11 Words: 3313 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Management Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Roads and Travel Authority à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" Dubai ( HR Performance Compensation) Aspirant: I am a Management student who is currently in the final year of my course. As a course specialization I have chosen the stream of the HR. This is a stream that is of special importance to me since the HR is a gamut that deals with the human resources or the human manpower of the company. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Roads and Travel Authority Dubai (HR Performance Compensation)" essay for you Create order This is an element that happens to be quite crucial for the success of the company. Once again the human resource of the company is again elements that have their own brains and issues related to them could be very sensitive. Hence handling comes with special challenges that will be making the job profile all the more challenging and interesting. With the same I would invite you all to my investigation into the facet of performance compensation that is genre of special importance in the career and responsibility scope of a HR. Introduction: Within the regime of the business and the corporate studies one must have come across the concept and the idea stating quite often that à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" Any company is as good as its employees. This is a much propagated and discussed idea and again contributes to the basic foundation on which rests several thriving commercial empires. This is the concept that doe elucidate the importance of the employees and the roles and the significance of the human resource and the manpower strength that is working in any business organization and is responsible for the success or the failure of the business in the market. Hence in the light of the same it could be said that the manpower resource of any company happens to be as vital as its other categories of resources such as the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s financial resources and its machinery and other It supports and setups. In fact the manpower or the human resource happens to be the main pillar that determines the market competitiveness of any company. In this context it could be further illustrated that ever happens to have a separate department which is completely and uniquely dedicated to the maintenance of the gamut of the manpower resources of the company. This department is known as the Hr department or the Human resource department and has specially skilled and qualified employees and personals who are responsible for maintaining the steady stream of inflow of talents and maintenance of the same within the company, so that the employees could put a better grade of performance in their own, individual and the collected interest of the company as a whole. The HR is such a department that deals only with the problem of manpower. Right from the initial step of bringing in an employees within the company system, which is also known as recruitment, the HR is responsible for the performance observation of the individual along with the facet of performance appraisal that has the element of training or rewards in its trails. Once again it is the HR which is responsible for the maintenance of the office environment and for maintaining a proper work culture and ambience that will be progressively influencing the performance of the employees. Once again its is the Hr which is again responsible for maintaining the personal records of the employees and taking care of their exit formalities. Apart from the mentioned roles and responsibilities, the HR again has other roles that are quite all embracing in terms of up keeping and improving the performance standards of the individual employees and that of the business organization as a whole. One such very important role is the part determination role regarding the compensation of the employees and the execution of the same on a monthly basis. This is a very significant, crucial and sensitive role that is taken care of by the HR department and which plays the most important role in maintaining the employees of a business organization. It is in the light of the same that we will be throwing a flood of light on the organization of the Road and Travel Authority of Dubai. In the current discussion wee will be taking a look at the Hr department of the organization of RTA which is a Dubai Government undertaking and is one of the premier organization of the city. In the scope of the discussion we will be resting a special focus on the compensation facet of the HR functions that happens to hav e a special and a particular influence on the working standards of the employees of the company. With benefits of development come other harassments that accompany and trails in the tails of growth. Dubai being a global wonder in terms of the high level urbanization that it happens to exhibit also has some of the busiest streets and roads in the world. Once again in this context we see that the Dubai in its aim of becoming one of the most modern and evolved cities in the world happens to have made a great endeavor in the filed of infrastructure development. One of the facilities that happen to be absolutely imperative for the development of a city is smooth and efficient transport and commuting facilities. For the same we see that well developed roads and improved public transport system happens to be the demand of the highly urbanized Dubai city. In this perspective we come across the organization of the Roads and Transport Authority that was formed by the decree number 17 in th e year 2005. This is a body that falls under the jurisdiction of the government which is responsible for planning and providing transports and roads facilities to the citizens of the Emirates of Dubai. The body again looks forward to facilitate the transport structure between Dubai and the rest of the Emirates of UAE and also the neighboring countries. HR Department (General): The RTA is one of the premier government or public organization of Dubai that plays an integral role in the development of the city and also the revenue of the nation. Quite without any doubt it could be said that the employees of the company happens to play a very important role in the entire operations scenario and market position of the company. In this case we could say that the HR of the company exhibits some very unique roles and carries out some very important functions in the company that not just enhances the skills of the employees and provides them with an ambience that happens to be conducive for a developmental work culture and ambience but at the same times is responsible for a competitive performance scale and standard of the organization as a whole. The HR through its various endeavors tries to make the company one of the most important employers of the city and the national economy. In fact the HR recruitment policies of the company are in perfect alignment with the policy of emiratization policy of the national government. Through this policy we see that the company looks forward to provide maximum employment opportunities for the national youth of Dubai and also of UAE. This is the stand that will help to reduce the competition between the immigrant labor and the UAE nationals and will again help the nation to prevent the erosion of its economy that does take place through the huge salary amounts to the foreign labor. In addition to the same, once again we see that the HR policy of the company does provide some great working and career opportunities for the wo men of the nation as well. Records of the company do reveal that a number of women happens to be handling some really important positions and responsibilities and are positioned in some of the top positions in the company. Once again we see that the HR plays an eminent role in the development of the employees who are provided with some of the most ace level training schedules and programs. Once again we see that the HR again does arrange for some very relevant workshops for the employees that do provide the employees with great on the job trainings that helps the employees to perform better. In addition to the same we see that the HR of the company with the encouragement from the management of the company also fosters other training and development features through which the employees are encouraged to pursue further education and again enhance their one educational qualification. Once again we see that the HR makes some very special efforts in developing the leadership skills and q ualities of the employees as the management and the HR team together feels that the leaders and their skills will be playing a pivotal role in the development of the business organization as a whole. The HR through its scope of operations again happens to formulate its policies that happen to be in conformity with the governmental and statutory laws of the land. HR Department (Compensation): The RTA is a government organization that happens to have an employee engagement program that helps the employee to take new responsibilities and to take up new roles that helps them learn new skill sets and also elaborate and enhance their profiles as professionals. This is one of the facets that make the tenure of service of the employees with the organization Road and Transport Authority in Dubai all the more worthwhile and precious. Once again in this respect it could be mentioned that since the organization happens to be a public undertaking the security of job happens to be all the m ore guaranteed and the national elements also gets much support from the organization in the various genres such as their religious practices for which they need to take out time form their duty hours Another very important facet or rather the most important aspect of employee management that helps the company to retain its talent and also attract more of the same is the pay package of the company. The RTA happens to be a reasonably good and competitive pay master that helps its employees to maintain a healthy and standard lifestyle. However in this perspective there is another minute detail that needs to be elaborated. The compensation and the benefits that is provided by the company does include several other facility and perks that adds a special attraction to the employment opportunity with the company and gas many more elements than just a fat salary amount. In fact it could be said that the compensation design or scheme that is discerned by the HR of the company with a cons ent from the management of the organization regarding the same happens to all embracing and tries to focus on the various requirements that the employee and its family could possibly have. Following are the list o components that comprise to be the compensation or benefits package of the employees of the company: The fixed part of the salary that is agreed upon at the time of the employment and which is mentioned in the appointment letter. The various performance incentives that happen to be based on the standard of performance of the employees and the amount of target and dateline that they have been able to accomplish. The yearly bonuses that the organization does indulge especially at times of the important festivities of the nation. Once again the compensation package consists of the various extra perks that the company provides to the children of an employee at the important intervals of their academic careers that are awarded to the children of the employees based on the academic performances of the children and their further interest and plans of future higher education. Various other facilities are provided to the employees especially at times of their and their familyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s need which comprises to be an elemental part of the support that the organization extends to their employees in order to ensure a healthy and safe living. This again helps the company to win over the loyalty of their employees. Accommodation and health insurances are provided to the employees LTA on completion of a time period. Case Study Situation: The RTA is an organization that does facilitate the element of communication and transport with in the city of Dubai and also outside the same. As mentioned in the beginning of the discussion that Dubai is a city that has a lot of hustle and bustle going on all the time. The city happens to be on a move round the clock and is always striv8ing towards better tomorrow. In this quest an immaculate transport system that is perfectly maintained and monitors stands quite imperative. This is the task that is accomplished by the RTA. However there are certain things that are lot more difficult than what they sound. In the course of maintaining a perfectly facilitated transport and road system the huge gamut of operations and aspects that the organization of RTA has to handle is quite unthinkable. The huge range of services that are provided by and are monitored by the company is quite humungous. In this perspective we see that the company again has to employ a wide range of employees who are quite diversified in terms of their profiles and roles and responsibilities that are handled by them. In this context we could hence also opine that the remunerative or the compensation factor that is to be designed and maintained for them are again quite hugely diversified. Hence the gamut and the scope of work for the HR of the company are quite challenging. Difficulties are further added by the facet that not all employees are paid for their services on a month rate chart or the salary slab that is agreed upon at the time of the employment. Many employees such as the drivers and the Business analysts are again paid on hourly and daily basis. This is an aspect that makes computing and calculating the salary amounts quite difficult and challenging a job. Once again in this context it needs to be mentioned that although the company does follow a policy of emiratization. Yet the company is not really devoid of the immigrant employees. As a result we also s ee that not all employees are equally qualified and skilled as often we see that the immigrant employees happens to be of better quality than the national elements. In this case discerning the salary factor amongst the employees even who are in the same level becomes quite difficult for the HR and the management of the company. Problem/Challenge at the Company: The previous section of the discussion clearly points out that the scope of the roles, responsibilities and the operational functions of the company RTA happens to be quite huge and voluminous. Hence the company HR does face some very serious challenges in their duties of manpower management and also regarding meeting the task of computing and giving out the salaries. In this case following could be the probable list of problems that the company might have to face as a result of its diversified manpower and their varied compensation requirement: The employees of the company do not have the same terms and agreement regarding their employment and payment terms. In this case we see that the HR and the management of the company might have to face some problems regarding the rate fixation of the employees such as the drivers who do work for the company on the basis of hourly agreements. The HR again could have problem regarding determining the package or the compensations slab of a particular role and responsibility or level of employee where we could see that both the national employees and the expatriate employees could be involved in the same team and the same hierarchy position. In that case there has to be a certain disparity in the payment and the compensation scale as the quality of the immigrant labor is often found to be high as in comparison to the national labor. Once again we see that the other facilities that are provided to the national employees are not really provided to the immigrant labor such as flexible work hours as they donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t require such support. In this case the HR again as to set parity amongst employees of the same level has to think of other types of perks for these employees. Recommendation: In the light of the previous section of the discussion we see that the company RTA though happens to be a dynamic organization yet has some inherent shortcomings in the compensation structure, style and design that its happens to follow. In this perspective we see that often the HR has to face some serious challenges and difficulties in setting the right balance of compensation packages that would both justify the efforts and toil of the worker and would also carve out a profit share for the company. Once again disparity in this case is something that the HR and the management of the company cannot really afford to indulge in. This is so because the salary or the element o commendation is very important for all employees as it is the basic thing for which all of us go to our work stations. Hence a disparity in the same could result into an upheaval amongst the employees at any point of time. Hence following are the list of recommendations for the company, so that its compensation package could be planed and maintained in a proper manner: Hierarchy structure: The management and the HR have to take steps as per which the hierarchies of reporting and position has to be established. This will again discern the areas of operations and also the roles and responsibility specifications. This is a system that has to be followed in all the departments which will help to determine the compensation. Salary slabs: Salaries has to be done and to be fixated as per the hierarchy levels that again help the employees to have a well structured salary slab that again happens to prevent any problem in the future. Equal Employee skill: Employees whether national elements or immigrant labor has to be kept on the same level and are to be allotted with equal set of responsibilities must be equals in terms of their qualifications and skill sets Equal benefits for employees: Employees who are expatriate labor are to be given the same set of benefits. To illustrate the same it could be said that if the national employees have flexible hours for religious practices then the immigrants should also be able to enjoy flexible work hours. Equal opportunities for families: Both the set of families are to be treated equally Bring the salary to a monthly basis: Even the drivers are to be paid on a monthly basis this will help the HR to compute the salaries. Conclusion: On a concluding note it could be said that the RTA is one o the very significant companies of the city o Dubai and again plays very important role in the development and progress of the city. The company not juts facilitates the element of transport with in the city but also outside it in the nation and also with the neighboring nations. Hence the company is doing some really important work in terms of the development of the nation and also its economy and international prestige. Once again the organization is also extremely vital fro the citizens of Dubai and the whole of the nation. In this case we see that the organization again has to deal with a variety of the employees and happens to foster the case of the national elements of the UAE and the Dubai society. However in the filed of compensation the HR could have to concentrate a little more that will be helping the organization to make its employees perform further better in the coming future.

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Middle East History Free Essays

The war between Iran and Iraq occurred when Iraq invaded Iran in September 1980 in an attempt to regain border territory it had ceded in 1975. Iraqi forces seized control of some Arab-populated border regions. After Iran drove Iraqi forces put of most of the invaded territory in 1982, the war turned into a stalemate. We will write a custom essay sample on Middle East History or any similar topic only for you Order Now A cease fire went into effect in 1988. The factors that had let to this war were likely because of the conflict between the two countries regarding the border debate or argument. In Iraq, internal guerilla warfare began in 1961, when Iraq refused to grant self-government to its Kurdish tribesmen in the north. The in 1963, their leader was overthrown was overthrown in a military revolt. The new government followed a socialist, Arab nationalist policy, but was wracked by rivalry between factions supporting and opposing Egypt’s President, Nasser. A peace with the Kurds was concluded in 1966, but skirmishes continued. Iraq was a member of the Arab Alliance that was defeated in the Six Day War against Israel in June, 1967. However, few Iraqi troops were involved in combat. In 1968, the Kurds resumed hostilities against the government. In 1970, Kurdish autonomy was recognized, but many Kurds, supported by aid from Iran, continued the Rebellion. During the 1970’s, large increases in oil prices made it possible for the shah to accelerate the modernization of Iran and to build up the country’s military strength on a massive scale. In 1978 protests over the shah’s rule began to grow. Much of the opposition came from conservative religious leaders, led by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who opposed modernization because it was contrary to traditional Islamic ways. Many opponents, however, some of them socialists and Communists, demanded a more equal distribution of wealth and an end to dictatorial rule. In 1974, the country started giving weapons for war to the Kurds. In 1975 Iran agreed to end its aid to the Kurds in exchange for some disputed territory. The Kurdish rebellion then collapsed. Saddam wanted to occupy Iran’s near to the oil and its feeble military which Saddam though for revolutionary disorder. The aggressor was Saddam Hussein. Because he wanted that the river which they were arguing will be owned by Iraqi- Arab, to bring back the essence through the history and that they had all the rights over the river. The only thing that hinders or stops the two countries from fighting was the Arvand Rud waterway, where in they had an agreement. Saddam wanted to display to the whole nations his conquering of other place but was just using the area of dispute as a front. Reference; Marr, Phebe. The Modern History of Iraq (West view Press, 1985). How to cite Middle East History, Essay examples

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Effects of Restaurant Environment-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Effects of Restaurant Environment on Consumer Behavior. Answer: Background of Study: The power of atmospherics in the context of marketing is based on the principle that the environmental design is supported on means like sounds, colors, temperature and layout, stimulating the perceptual and poignant responses in consumers and influencing their behavior (Hyun and Kang 2014). There are three segments of atmospherics that is being termed as SERVICESCAPE: spatial design, ambient conditions and functionality. Spatial layout submits the ways in which equipment, furnishings and machinery are being prearranged, the size and shape of the same along with the spatial relationship existing among them (Garson 2013). Functionality indicates those items ability in facilitating the performance and goal accomplishments. A layout is said to have a direct outcome on the perception of quality for consumers, levels of excitement and an indirect upshot to return o the same place (Parsa et al. 2015). Ambient conditions are stated to be the ethereal facet that has a tendency to influence t he senses of non-visual nature and might have a subconscious consequence on consumer. This takes into account the factors like noise, music, temperature and lighting. Things like the music tempo affects the spending time of the consumers at their tables. The feasibility of the project lies in the fact that it would look to focus on the influencing factor of atmospherics on the behavior of the consumers so that the owners of the restaurants along with managers find this study meaningful and understand the things that plays a major role in attracting the new consumers and retaining the old ones for a longer period of time. Objectives of Study: The overall study objective is to enable the managers and restaurant owners in understanding the key offering of the atmospherics in effecting consumer behavior. The main questions that would accompany the research work would be: What outcome does the environment of restaurant have on behavior of consumers? Will the different intentions of consumers behavior be impacted by various aspects of restaurant atmospherics? Research Problem: The factors that appeals to the preferences of the customers are not the beverage and food, but also the environment for dinning, which plays a major role for the customers to decide where to visit for a meal with family, friends and colleagues. Attention is duly given to not only the pricing factor and the food they eat, but also the provision of enjoyable and probably exciting dining atmosphere (Zhang, Zhang and Law 2014). Moreover, there has been a growing academic interest in the ways atmospherics persuades the behavior of consumers. A large number of studies has gone into focusing of the influences of the environment of restaurants on the consumer behavior in the retail sector. However, only a handful of the studies investigate the impact of atmospherics on the behavior of consumers and satisfaction in hospitality industry, especially in the business of restaurants (Brown 2014). Even though some researchers have been able to conduct surveys for investigating the impact of certain atmospheric dimensions, the study number that abridges the impact of measurement of consumer behavior are inadequate. Design of Study: This study would take into account a targeted telephonic survey among 20 restaurant owners and 10 managers along with 20 customers in and around Sydney that takes care of the above mentioned three factors. Sydney boasts of some big restaurants that faces stiff competition in retaining their customers, so this place provides the perfect background for the survey. All the respondents would be monitored based on the previous six months. Areas of Questioning: The questionnaire would be developed keeping in mind the three that would be tested, the tentative survey topics would take in: Present restaurant environment and consumer behavior Awareness of the restaurant owners and managers about the SERVICESCAPE factor along with things that are essential in providing a consumer with the perfect environment. Rating of the restaurants and the major factors according to the consumers. A brief analysis on the emerging restaurants in Sydney and how much importance they give to these aspects. Each of the respondents would be uncovered to the portrayal with one of the possible situation. This would be resulting in the decipherable sample size for the factor of environment. The overall rating factor of the restaurants as stated in some of the major websites that deals with evaluating various aspects of the restaurants. Expected use of the factors by new restaurants and the value of consumer behavior (high/medium/low). Literature Review: For dealing with the interaction between the responses of the individual along with the environment to the environmental stimuli, there has been a presentation of the well-recognized model in the environmental psychology field. The model of M-R when formed was not being used for the purpose of evaluating the impact of atmospherics on the behavior of consumers in various settings of consumption (Chen, Peng and Hung 2015). The model of M-R displayed that the responses to the environment can be segmented as either approach or the avoidance activities. Environments of favorable nature are said to root the approach behavior, inclusive of the satisfaction enhancement with the task being performed along with the aspiration to stay and communicating to others. Conversely, environment of unfavorable nature are declared to source the avoidance behavior. Moreover, some of the researchers have found that the atmospherics have been directly affecting the behavior of the consumer. The persuasion of the atmospherics of restaurants on the intentions of behavior is generally been mediated by emotions and apparent value. Nonetheless, certain researchers have found that consumer behaviors are not been directly affected by the physical environment. Physical environment is stated to have no considerable return purpose in a undeviating way, instead its influence was found to be interceded through the satisfaction of the consumers (Bujisic, Hutchinson and Parsa 2014). The main of this research proposal is in investigating the effects of the environment of the restaurant on the behavior of consumer (Solomon 2014). Several journals on the related topic have been taken up that are applicable to the existing relationship between the consumers behavioral intent and the environment of the restaurant. Methodology Design: The main aim of this research study is to find out the impact of the environment of restaurant on the behavior of consumers. For obtaining of the primary data, the self-administered questionnaire would be distributed to the owners, managers and customers in some of the selected restaurants in and around Sydney. The customers who would be questioned would either be waiting for their turn to check-in or the ones who are about the leave the restaurants after having their meals. This approach would be ensuring the fact that the consumers would be offering their responses that can precisely reflect their assessment of the dining incident. The prepared questionnaire would be measuring the perception of the participants of the environment of the restaurants along with the behavioral intention of the consumers. There would be two set of questionnaire for this research study, one that would be intended towards the restaurant managers and owners, and the other one for the consumers. Data Analysis: For this research work, factor analysis will be performed along with the factors that are mostly associated to the total rating of the restaurants that would be recognized. On the basis of such factors, a perpetual plan would be generated in displaying visually the existing relationship between the current environmental factors and the behavior of consumers, based on the factors and their perception (Jang, Chung and Kim 2015). A gap evaluation would also be performed by the researcher in order to understand and highlight the potential differences in the projected image by the atmospheric factors (Jani and Han 2015). Once the survey would be completed, each responses frequency would be computed along with proper summarization. The data analysis would be offering a general idea about the attitude of the consumers to the environment of the restaurant. This research would be beneficial for the managers and owners of restaurants in finding proper ways in developing the satisfaction of the consumers and increasing the profits. Specifications: The estimation of cost of this particular research study would be based on the following supposition: Number of completed interviews: 50 Average length of the interview: 10 minutes for consumers and 20 minutes for the restaurant owners and managers. There would be no open-ended questions Type of sample: Targeted unsystematic or random digits Factor analysis would be taken in, perceptual maps along with the gap analysis. Report Services: Developing of the questionnaire, in combination with the several restaurants in and around Sydney. Generating sample within the target area. Programming of the survey. managing the project and administering of the same. Investigating and overseeing the telephonic (managers and owners) and face-to-face (consumers) interview. Processing of the data and compiling of the statistical tables. Analyzing of the data and preparing of the report. Cost: The cost for conducting of this research would be certainly high, considering the fact that it requires proper amount of time, travelling and materials for conducting of the interviews and analyzing the same. The travelling expenses would be well maintained and would be billed at cost once the research ends. The data collection process needs to be closely monitored for the fact at no time should the actual experience of data collection differ from that of the assumptions and specifications stated within the study. Ethical Consideration: This is another important factor that needs to be maintained by the researcher. There should not be any leakage of the information gathered for this research from the respondents. Complete secrecy needs to be maintained by the researcher. The researcher should be honest with his work and should not be biased on any of the factors while collecting the data, doing which would jeopardize the overall research study. Any kind of biasness from the researcher would be manipulating the research result of the data analysis and the total objective of the research would be inundated. Timing: Once the approval of the final questionnaire comes, the project would involve roughly five to six weeks time as has been outlined below: Programming of the survey along with control of quality: 4-5 days Data collection process: 3.5 weeks Tabulation of the final data: 4 days Final report: 1.5-2 weeks References: Brown, T.A., 2014.Confirmatory factor analysis for applied research. Guilford Publications. Bujisic, M., Hutchinson, J. and Parsa, H.G., 2014. The effects of restaurant quality attributes on customer behavioral intentions.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,26(8), pp.1270-1291. Chen, A., Peng, N. and Hung, K.P., 2015. The effects of luxury restaurant environments on diners emotions and loyalty: incorporating diner expectations into an extended Mehrabian-Russell model.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,27(2), pp.236-260. Garson, G.D., 2013.Factor analysis. Statistical Associates Publishing. Hyun, S.S. and Kang, J., 2014. A better investment in luxury restaurants: environmental or non-environmental cues?.International Journal of Hospitality Management,39, pp.57-70. Jang, S.Y., Chung, J.Y. and Kim, Y.G., 2015. Effects of environmentally friendly perceptions on customers' intentions to visit environmentally friendly restaurants: An extended theory of planned behavior.Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research,20(6), pp.599-618. Jani, D. and Han, H., 2015. Influence of environmental stimuli on hotel customer emotional loyalty response: Testing the moderating effect of the big five personality factors.International Journal of Hospitality Management,44, pp.48-57. Parsa, H.G., Lord, K.R., Putrevu, S. and Kreeger, J., 2015. Corporate social and environmental responsibility in services: Will consumers pay for it?.Journal of retailing and consumer services,22, pp.250-260. Solomon, M.R., 2014.Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being(Vol. 10). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Zhang, Z., Zhang, Z. and Law, R., 2014. Relative importance and combined effects of attributes on customer satisfaction.The Service Industries Journal,34(6), pp.550-566.